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Susan Sykes

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Susan Sykes works hard to create and deliver content that the evidence-based research community will find interesting and useful. She is an experienced writer and marketing professional who loves finding ways to communicate in-depth, technical information so that it engages the reader. In her down time, she can often be found plotting her next home decor project.

How to Solve Your Top Systematic Review Challenges >

Systematic reviews are complex, and research teams often struggle with managing all the moving...

Here's Why You Should Stop Relying on Spreadsheets for Your Literature Review Process >

We understand—spreadsheets are readily available as part of most standard office suites and are...

Top 5 Ways Literature Review Software Can Help You >

People who have never used literature review software often tell us that they don’t need it - they...

State of the Art Literature Reviews: Why They Fail >

*This post was updated in April 2020 to reflect the postponement of the EU MDR deadline.

5 Systematic Review Challenges For Guideline Development (And One Thing You Can Do To Solve Them) >

Systematic reviews play a pivotal role in the development of clinical practice guidelines. But with...

Systematic Review Lifecycle Infographic >

*Updated January 7, 2020*

Agreement Settings Quick Reference >

When conducting a review, there are a number of different approaches to reference screening. While...

Reviewer Calibration: Are We On The Same Page? >

DistillerSR users often cite the “human factor” in systematic reviews as one of the major...

Time to Upgrade to DistillerSR v2 >

Effective June 30, 2016, all DistillerSR users will be upgraded to DistillerSR v2, which offers an...

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