Time to Upgrade to DistillerSR v2

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Effective June 30, 2016, all DistillerSR users will be upgraded to DistillerSR v2, which offers an improved user interface and a number of new features. The new version is completely backward compatible – all current projects will continue to work exactly as they do today.

Why the change?

Browsers, security software and database technologies are evolving quickly. In order to ensure that DistillerSR continues to deliver reliable, secure and fast performance, we need to continually update the system. The move will ensure the integrity of your current projects into the future.

What functionality is missing from the new version?

We’re happy to say that nothing is missing. The new version of DistillerSR actually has a number of new features in addition to all of the features you are used to.

How do I move to the new version?

Just go to your Project Menu, go to Project Settings and change your project from version 1 to version 2. This will happen automatically on June 30, 2016 but you may want to do it sooner, at a date that works for your group.

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Vivian MacAdden
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Vivian MacAdden

Vivian MacAdden is DistillerSR's Senior Manager, Industry Marketing - Medical Devices. Throughout her career, she has accumulated 20 years of strategic marketing experience in various industries in Canada and international markets such as Brazil, China, Singapore, Jordan and Japan. A problem solver at heart and forever an optimist (and karaoke lover), she is passionate about telling great stories that make a positive impact on the world.

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